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Ford India fooling Indian customers? Missing parts on Endeavour

Written by Parichay Malvankar

Do you know how much the top end model of a Ford Endeavour costs? Very close to INR 33 lakh, and that is ex-showroom. How would you feel that the brand, Ford, is selling this car in India with a part missing, which is actually shown in your user manual. You’d feel cheated right? Here’s what’s going on…

A member on one of the Indian automotive forums has highlighted that he purchased a Ford Endeavour in July 2017, the 3.2L Titanium variant. However, it was brought to his notice that his car lacked underbody support compared to models sold abroad. The Ford Endeavour comes with a K-Truss support for the chassis for extra stiffness. This although shown on the Indian user manual, the part is missing on the cars sold.

Dear Ford India, you might have thought no user is going to get to know what you’ve done here. But here you go! Clearly this can also be said that the crash test reports which are being flaunted should not be considered true when an international model is tested, but the Indian version has missing parts. Ford is all gaga about safety and their build quality, and such tricks for their premium-SUV is going to surely affect their brand image.

Ford? How much money did you make thanks to this omission? While you thought this would have gone unnoticed, now then, was it worth it?