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Ford & Google will jointly develop infotainments & connected car features

Written by Nizam Shaikh

To accelerate Ford’s connected car technology, the American automaker has joined hands with American technology company Google, that specializes in Internet-related services and products. Ford and Google announced their partnership today which begins in the year 2023 and the six-year partnership Ford will leverage Google’s expertise in data, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), transforming and reinventing the connected car experience in Ford and Lincoln cars. 

The brand has announced that future Ford and Lincoln cars in the future will be powered by Google’s Android Operating System, Google Apps and Google Services enhancing the user experience in Ford and Lincoln cars. Under the partnership, all Ford and Lincoln cars at all price points will be equipped with connected car technology. The brand has also chosen Google Cloud as its preferred cloud provider for the brand. 

Ford and Google are also establishing a new collaborative group called ‘Team Upshift’. The new group will leverage both the brand’s expertise in their respective fields and are likely to develop new retail experiences for customers which include creating data-based ownership offers, providing a personalized consumer experience as well as data-driven opportunities. 

Ford will leverage Google Cloud’s Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies along with Data Analytics to further expedite its transformation in the digital world. The brand with the help of Google Cloud will modernise operations, product development, customer experience by providing them personalised services, use artificial intelligence for manufacturing, employee training and even streamlining plant equipment performance. The system will also allow Ford to send real-time notifications to customers for maintenance or trade-ins. 

Additionally, customers will further benefit from the connected features that allow drivers to concentrate more on the road by using just their voice for navigation using Google Maps and other application using Google’s Voice technology and assistant. Users can use Google apps to listen to their favourite music or listen to podcasts and audiobooks without having to leave their hands off the steering wheel making cars safer.