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Festival accessories package by Maruti-Suzuki

Festival accessories package by Maruti-Suzuki
Written by Parichay Malvankar

Maruti-Suzuki is coming up with festival accessories package for it’s range of passenger vehicles. The festival packages will be region specific depending on which festival is celebrated in the given region on a large scale.

These packages include an Onam package for Kerala, Ganesh Mahotsav package for Maharashtra, Durga Puja package for eastern markets and an all-India Diwali package.

Each of these packages include accessories such as body decals, DIY sun visors, back cushion, tissue case, car frame etc. Maruti claims that customers will save up to 40% on the actual MRP of these accessories when opting for the festival package.

Maruti also plans to offer accessory kits for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Baisakhi, Women’s Day, Environment Day etc.

Last year, 58,000 units were sold under such accessorised and special edition variants. This year, Maruti wants to sell 1,00,000 such units.

Source – ET Auto