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EV benefits extended in Maharashtra till March 2022

Written by Nayak

The Government of Maharashtra has extended its early bird benefit scheme for electric vehicles. Previously it was scheduled to end on December 31 2021. But now, the government has extended the date till March 31, 2022. This offer entitles some variants of the Nexon EV and all variants of the Tigor EV with some discounts in the four-wheeler segment. Meanwhile, for the two-wheeler and three-wheeler segments, the maximum discount applicable is INR 10,000 and INR 30,000, respectively.

What Is This Early Bird Offer?

To boost the sales of EVs in Maharashtra, its state government had launched this initiative. Under this policy, EVs will get a maximum incentive of INR 5,000 per kWh with a maximum benefit capped at INR 1.50 lakh. And reports are quite positive regarding this initiative. As per sources, customers are more inclined towards getting the variant of the Nexon that qualifies for this scheme. And due to this, the waiting period is now hovering in the range of 6 months. For Tata Tigor EV, the waiting period is around two months.

This is a great move by the state government to push more customers towards electric mobility. One area, where the state government needs to involve more is to build viable and robust charging infrastructure. Undoubtedly, the EV makers are coming up with massive plans to set up the charging infrastructure.

Tata Nexon EV – The Most Popular Electric Car In The Country

For Maharashtrians, Nexon EV is the top choice in the e-mobility segment. Qualifying variants under the early bird discount are available at a discount of about 2.5 lakhs. This breaks down as 1.5 lakhs as subsidy and 1 lakh for the early bird scheme. This makes buying the Nexon EV so much attractive in the state. Furthermore, reports suggest that Tata Motors is working on a higher range of the Nexon EV. This would make the electric SUV even more appealing, thus boosting the sales further.

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