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Domino’s will use custom RV300 Revolt electric bikes for deliveries

Written by Nayak

RattanIndia announces its new partnership with Domino’s India. Under this new partnership, Domino’s will procure the existing inventory of Revolt’s RV300. Soon Revolt motorcycles will replace the current petrol motorcycle fleet used by Domino’s to carry out home deliveries. All these RV300 motorcycles will be customized as per business requirements and made ready to undertake deliveries.

This will help Domino’s to reflect upon its stand to support e-mobility and reduce the carbon footprint. Revolt will also benefit from this, as more customers will now get to know about their electric motorcycles, which are already a hit in the market. This zero-emission delivery will help in pushing other food chain companies to opt for electric vehicles, thus creating a market trend.

Revolt Motorcycle’s Demand Breaking All Records

The rise in demand for electric vehicles in the country is quite evident from the high sales in the past one year. Revolt Motors is one of the prime examples of this. The company recently revealed that Revolt sold out its RV400 motorcycle within minutes of opening online bookings. This is not the first time this had happened. In June, the company had reported that it sold INR 50 crore worth RV400 in just 2 hours. Customers these days are more than willing to buy an electric vehicle over its fossil fuel-powered counterpart. Even the Indian Government is also pushing electric vehicle sales by offering various incentives and subsidies.

Rise Of Electric Vehicles In Commercial Market

Since the past few years, there has been a significant shift in the demand for electric vehicles, both in the commercial and private segments. Business sectors like e-commerce, logistics, transportation and food-delivery are taking substantial steps to overhaul their vehicle fleet and go all-electric. This will help in reducing the carbon footprint and also lower their maintenance cost in the long term. As it is known that electric vehicles are much easier to maintain, their running cost is relatively low.

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