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Bounce Infinity launches portable liquid-cooled battery

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Since 2021, Bounce Infinity claims to be India’s first smart electric scooter with removable batteries. Also, the brand plans to offer both affordable and reliable EV scooters in urban as well as rural sectors. The brand has also sold more than 10,000 EVs in India since its launch.

Bounce Infinity X Clean Electric – Liquid Cooled Electric Scooter Battery

Now, Bounce Infinity has joined hands with the Clean Electric announced the launch of India’s first portable liquid-cooled battery technology. This is in collaboration with Clean Electric. The liquid-cooled portable battery is a technological marvel in the EV industry. The company claims that the liquid-cooled battery extends the range, and enables rapid charging capabilities, along with an enhanced battery lifespan. However, the Bounce Infinity E1 which comes with the latest tech comes a price starting with INR 99,210 ex-showroom.

Bounce Electric – Liquid Cooled Battery Range and Charging

In addition to this, Bounce claims that the new battery will offer more than 100 km of range. This real-world mileage claim effectively meets the growing demands of the customers for extended range EVs. In addition to this, Bounce also claims that the liquid-cooled system allows for fast charging with upto 80% SOC in just 45-50 minutes. This means Bounce will become the first electric two-wheeler OEM to launch a liquid-cooled portable battery that enables fast charging using
a portable charger through a 15 Amp charger.

Bounce Electric – Liquid Cooled Battery Specifications

The new liquid-cooled battery from Clean Electric boasts 2.5 kWh of power. The battery is capable of delivering a range of around 112-120 km on a single charge claims Bounce. The new battery which is an upgrade from the 1.9 kWh battery offers more than 20 km of range in the real world, as per the company. Also the battery weighs approximately 14.5 kgs. Bounce also claims that even after five years of use, the battery health should remain close to 90% SOH, offering 85 to 90 km on a single charge. The battery components are also recyclable and in Lin with the global environmental standards.

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