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Mercedes-Benz reveals EQS sedan facelift

Written by News Team

Mercedes-Benz has unveiled the facelift of its flagship electric sedan, the EQS, for the global market. This 2025 iteration of the EQS, first introduced in 2021, marks a significant step forward in the evolution of luxury electric vehicles from Mercedes.

Design and Aesthetics

The original EQS was known for its controversial pebble-shaped design, aimed at enhancing aerodynamic efficiency. However, the 2025 facelift brings back some of the more traditional design elements. The front of the 2025 EQS continues to feature a black panel, but now it includes three horizontal bars and a central vertical faux chrome bar, imitating its gas-powered models. A notable addition is the return of the hood ornament at the front of the bonnet.

The bumpers have also received updates. Mercedes has made its AMG line’s lower bumper design standard across all variants of the 2025 EQS. Inside, the EQS remains mostly the same, apart from a few tweaks and some additional chrome trim around the air vents.

Enhanced Comfort

Mercedes now offers an ‘Executive Interior Package’. With this package, rear seat occupants can adjust their backrests even further, between 27 to 36 degrees of recline. The seats also come with extra foam padding, rapid heating, neck & shoulder heating, and a pair of pillows as part of the executive package.

2025 EQS Powertrain and Performance

The most significant change in the 2025 Mercedes-Benz EQS is the battery pack. The 2025 version now features a larger 118 kWh battery pack, up from the previous 108.4 kWh. While the exact range and power figures of the updated powertrain are yet to be revealed, Mercedes-Benz states that the 2025 EQS could offer 11% more range compared to the older version. With the bigger battery pack, the range could exceed the 900 km mark.

With its enhanced design, comfort, and performance, the EQS is set to redefine the standards of luxury electric vehicles. Pricing for the new EQS will be revealed closer to its market launch, scheduled for sometime in late 2024.

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