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Tresa Motors reveals V0.2 Electric Truck model

Written by News Team

Tresa Motors, India’s first Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of medium and heavy electric trucks, has unveiled its latest offering, the V0.2 electric truck model. his new model is a significant step forward in the commercial electric vehicle space, with several industry-first technologies.

Tresa Motors’ Innovative Design and Technology

The V0.2 model has been designed with Indian road conditions in mind. It stands out as an eco-friendly logistics solution, promising to be a durable, resilient, and reliable vehicle. The truck features a new central steering setup and a comfortable air-suspended seat with customizable body options.

One of the key innovations in the V0.2 model is the integration of multiple Electronic Control Units (ECUs) with its zonal architecture. This is where Tresa’s NVIDIA GPU-driven Centralised Computing Unit (CCU) takes most of the load16. The CCU is designed to handle the majority of the truck’s control, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and telematics requirements.

Advanced Telematics System

The advanced telematics system in the V0.2 model streams over 500 monitoring points to the cloud for constant performance, safety, and efficiency analytics. This real-time data monitoring and analysis can significantly enhance the operational efficiency of the vehicle.

Powerful Performance

The V0.2 model is a powerhouse, boasting a maximum torque of 24,000 Nm and reaching a top speed of 120 km/h. It is equipped with a 300 kWh battery, offering a quick 20-minute charge time (10-80% State of Charge), ensuring efficiency on the go.

Future of Logistics: Tresa Motors’ Vision

The V0.2 model is more than just a truck; it represents the future of logistics. With its eco-friendly design and advanced technologies, it offers a compelling cost advantage per mile over traditional diesel trucks. Tresa Motors’ CEO, Rohan Shravan, expressed excitement about the launch of the V0.2 model, stating that it is a major internal release where all components will be tested and monitored on the road.

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