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BMW reveals Vision M NEXT, the future of electric cars

Written by Nizam Shaikh

BMW has revealed the BMW Vision M NEXT, the future of cars and the Vision M NEXT offers just that. The Vision M NEXT allows the driver to be in control yet the car has intelligent onboard technologies with targetted assistance system to actively engage the driver. 

The M brand car features the EASE and BOOST concept technologies, where the EASE concept caters to the occupants’ various needs during the journey, from rest and relaxation, via interaction through the in-car entertainment system. The BOOST stands for the ultimate active driving experience. Both the concepts are underpinned by the BMW’s ACES (Autonomous driving, Connectivity, Electrification and Services)

The Vision M NEXT on the exterior features a bold design inspired by the BMW turbo and the i8 and incorporates futuristic design elements such as gullwing doors, a wedge silhouette, with a remarkable colour theme. The front and rear aprons are painted in a Thrilling Orange matte neon shade which is in contrast with the Cast Silver matte silk metallic paintwork.

The front end design has the signature BMW front grille which gets a blade shaped air intake with additional large triangular air intake elements on either ends and integrated stacked above one another four-eyed headlights. The kidney grille gets laser wire lights around them and the grille element is a laser etched with illuminated pattern that seems to be floating inside. The rear end gets a low-slung design with recycled carbon fibre aero diffuser and Laser Wire technology on the tail lights.

The interior of the Vision M NEXT gets a minimalist and functional design which appears to be cut from a single mould and the seat shells form part of the flowing design. The air vents are integrated and are mostly out of sight. The interior is built around the driver and gets a BOOST Pod which has all the controls in the driver’s line of sight. The steering wheel is horizontally arranged with curved glass displays and a augmented reality Heads Up Display. 

The BMW M NEXT is offered with a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle drive system with a choice between all-electric and rear-wheel drive system, with all-electric propulsion or power from a four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine with an output of 600 HP that can propel the car to 300 kmph and the Vision M NEXT can sprint from 0-100 kmph in 3 seconds. The maximum driving range on the M NEXT is 100 km which enables the sports car to be used in city centres where zero-emission zone are likely to be enforced in the future.