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BMW Motorrad reveals Vision DC Roadster electric motorcycle

Written by Nizam Shaikh

BMW Motorrad has revealed the epitome of future electric motorcycles with the Vision DC Roadster. BMW Motorrad has used the twin-cylinder boxer engine and the brand is easily identified by the engine layout, the Vision DC Roadster uses the same in its design elements for the electric drive.

The Vision DC Roadster uses an electric drive which is much smaller than a conventional engine and the electric motorcycle replaces the engine with a battery which is much larger in size. The battery is vertically aligned and placed longitudinally and requires a fair bit of cooling. The cooling elements are incorporated in the two elements that protrude from the side which give the motorcycle a boxer engine design but on closer examination reveals the electric nature of the DC Roadster. The electric motor is placed underneath the battery and is connected to the universal shaft.

The front section of the DC Roadster is kept low and the rear section is up high and in a place where the fuel tank should sit are tubular structures that span the electric motorcycle. The centre of the motorcycle is occupied with the battery and the surface has a 3D finish with specific outlines. The cooling elements sit close to the motorcycle but as it is turned on they protrude outwards indicating the bike is ready for operation. 

The headlamp consists of a ‘U’ shaped LED daytime running lights and two compact LED lenses on each side that provide low and high beam. The tail section gets a ‘C’ shaped LED elements which are integrated into the rear carrier. The tyre walls integrate five fluorescent elements the size of a postal stamp which provides safety from design as they glow in the dark conveying dynamics in motion. The iconic design elements like the Duolever front end and the open shaft drive also compliment the DC Roadsters futuristic design. 

BMW has also designed Smart rider equipment which is a two-piece suit which has large iridescent colouring and casually black trousers which combine fashion with invisibly sewn protectors while integrating light function and digital connectivity technologies. A magnetically fixed rucksack vest provides the rider with extra storage. By using magnets the rucksack can be taken off or put on with ease.