BMW develops dynamic brake lights

BMW develops dynamic brake lights
Written by Paarth Powale

BMW Motorrad is known for introducing some interesting tech in the automotive industry. We came across an interesting news of BMW’s new safety advancements for motorcycles – dynamic brake lights.

It’s essential for a motorcyclist to be seen by the traffic behind. And it’s even more important to be seen when you’re braking. Sometimes just a regular brake light isn’t enough and the end result could be dangerous. BMW has introduced dynamic braking lights as a part of their safety strategy, “Safety 360°”

Now what these lights do is it warns following traffic in two stages when a motorcycle in the front brakes hard.

In stage one, when the motorcycle is slowing down fast at speeds over 50 kmph, the brake light flashes with a frequency of 5 Hz. The light flashing so fast is sure to get the drivers/riders attention behind.

In stage 2 when the motorcycle speed reaches below 14kmph the hazard warning flashers are turned on and they remain on until the motorcycle accelerates again to a minimum speed of 20kmph.

BMW plans to feature this safety feature as standard in 2016 for all its motorcycles and cars. For now it is meant only for Europe market, but the day is not far when it comes to India.

Check out the video below to see the lights