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Bharat Petroleum will set up EV Charging Infrastructure at petrol pumps

Written by Akhil Dalvi

The Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) has unveiled its plans of installing 7,000 charging stations in the coming years. The ‘Maharatna’, Fortune Global 500 Company, aims to build a charging network at its 19,000+ fuel stations across India. BPCL’s new EV charging infrastructure will act as its unique business opportunity and safeguard against the displacement of auto fuels. The growth of charging ecosystems in India is thanks to the meteoric rise in fuel prices and increased awareness for EVs.

The company aims to reap the benefits as newer customers turn towards EV ownership with its new charging infrastructure. As India’s 2nd largest oil marketing company (OMC), BPCL is a renowned industry player with its network of fuel stations. Along with its distributors, BPCL can deploy EV charging facilities in a shorter time span than other players. BPCL is at an advantage thanks to other competitors who are yet to build upon their own charging infrastructure.

BPCL Details: 

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited engages itself in crude oil refining and petroleum product marketing with a substantial presence in India. Among both stream sectors of the oil and gas industry, BPCL has achieved its coveted ‘Maharatna’ status. BPCL and its subsidiary have their refineries in Mumbai, Kochi, Bina, and Madhya Pradesh for greater operational and financial autonomy.

With a combined refining capacity of 35.3 MMTPA, BPCL’s marketing infrastructure network includes installations, depots, and retail outlets. Along with aviation service stations, its distributor network includes 6,100+ LPG distributorships, 733 Lubes distributorships, and 123 POL storage locations. Other distributors include 54 LPG Bottling Plants, 64 Aviation Service Stations, 4 Lube blending plants, and 4 cross-country pipelines.

BPCL’s core purpose is ‘Energising Lives’, with which it aims to be a global energy company leveraging talent, innovation & technology. The company also provides sustainable solutions by developing ecosystems, partnering with communities, and supporting various initiatives. These include education, water conservation, skill development, health, community development, capacity building, and employee volunteering.

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