Avoiding riding distractions

Avoiding riding distractions
Written by Paarth Powale

Riding a motorcycle requires a lot of awareness and focus. Staying focused only on your riding will reduces the chance of you meeting with an accident. Its common sense that one should avoid distractions for safe riding. However knowing these potential distractions and planning ways to avoid or eliminate them will keep you away from dangerous situations. Let’s look at some of the distractions that a rider can avoid.

Talking on the phone: It’s surprising that we still see people talking on the phone while riding even though it is as an offence. Talking through the handsfree is a threat to yourself and others. Research proves that talking over the phone while riding increases chances of an accident substantially. If you do have to answer the call, pull over and then talk. Do the same if you have to use the GPS. Pull over!

Eating, Drinking & Smoking while riding: Yes we’ve seen people smoke while riding, at times even eating. It is essential that you keep both hands on the handlebars at all times. The streets are filled with uncertain things and foolish drivers. You need to be quick and alert to respond to dangerous situations. Keeping your hands occupied with a cigarette many not give you enough time to act swiftly. Moreover you’re sitting on a hot running engine which is placed under the fuel tank, filled with petrol which is highly inflammable. You do not want to mess around with a lit cigarette close to it. Stop and get off the bike and then smoke if you have to.

Take breaks during long trips: Riding continuously can be tiring. Riders fatigue is a contributing factor for high percentage of accidents. If you find yourself sleepy or drowsy, pull over and find a place to rest as soon as possible. Taking regular breaks will help maintain your focus and reduce fatigue levels. What’s the fun in riding if you can’t enjoy your surroundings?

Avoid listening to music and radio: A rider needs to be aware of the sounds around him. A fast coming honking car from behind could mean trouble or a rattling sound from your motorcycle could mean mechanical issue. Listening to music will make you oblivious of these sounds, which could lead to dangers.

Keep your eye on the road: Streets are filled with distractions. And if you’re a man, we know you’re checking out the beautiful woman by the side of the street while riding. Keep your eyes on the street at all times. Those 3 seconds of staring could cost you your life.

Stay calm and know your limits: Road rage will make you lose focus and it’s easy to succumb to it. Keep calm. Trying to cut off the driver that cut you off in a lane won’t do you any good. You’re not going to teach him anything about driving in few seconds. Remember true riders are above all that. Keep yourself calm and composed.
Know your limits while riding. Don’t try to go too fast if you can’t handle it. Know your braking limits and your skill level when it comes to emergency maneuvers.

Even after knowing, riders can still get distracted. Train yourself to be alert and focused, it will come with time. It will make you a safer and more responsible rider.

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