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Audi e-tron models being recalled for faulty braking system

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Volkswagen Group of America (Audi) recalls the Audi e-tron and Audi e-tron Sportback in the USA. Specific 2021 models of the Audi e-tron and e-tron Sportback vehicles may have a fault in the integrated braking system. The NHTSA reveals that all 38 cars may be potentially affected. 

2021 Audi e-tron and e-tron Sportback – The Fault 

The vehicle assembly information and supplier production records revealed that certain vehicles did not receive a revised part. Audi had earlier put a revised part into production, during a quality review. This includes 27 units of the e-tron and 11 units of the e-tron Sportback. Furthermore, reports reveal that the fault is with an electronic component in the brake servo.

2021 Audi e-tron and e-tron Sportback – Reason for the Fault

An error in the process at the sub-vendors production, the wafers for the FlexRay transceiver (a component within the electromechanical brake booster), parts that have not undergone all cleaning steps. Therefore part does not conform to the conditions and exacting specifications of the brand and may corrode during the vehicle’s service life-cycle. This may further lead to functional issues with the brake servo causing functional impairment of braking equipment. This includes brake assist, ABS, electronic stability control and the speed indicator in the instrument cluster.

However, full mechanical braking without brake boost is still available. But customers may experience a hard brake pedal and an increase in the brake pedal effort. This will lead to an extended braking distance. In combination with the loss of other braking functionalities such as ABS and ESC, the fault may lead to a crash. But, it is important to note that no crashes or injuries have been recorded pertaining to this recall. The driver will also get an indication on the vehicle’s instrument cluster and should contact the Audi dealer without delay, should this occur. 

2021 Audi e-tron and e-tron Sportback – The Remedy

Audi dealerships will replace the brake booster at no cost to the customer. All the vehicles under the recall are within a valid warranty status, and thus the brand will not be offering any reimbursements under the program. 

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