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Ather Energy sold 2,389 scooters in July 2022

Written by Nayak

Ather Energy has updated its sales report for July 2022. The EV maker posted a total sales of 2,389 units for the given period. This results in year-over-year growth of 24 per cent. EV maker further confirmed that Most of the sales are from the last 10 days of the month. This was because the production line was shut for a couple of weeks to facilitate the transition to the new product.

Now with the introduction of the new 450X Gen 3, Ather has big plans for the future. The new scooter will aim to capture a larger market share in the coming months. Ather Energy mentioned that the supply chain constraints are now easing off significantly. Hence, the company is expecting the monthly volumes to increase significantly.

Ather Expanding Its Dealership Network

With more than 45 experience centres across 38 markets, Ather now has a wide network of dealers. In July, the company added its presence to three new markets. These 3 centres have come up in Mumbai, Kollam and Dehradun. With the demand for EVs reaching new highs, Ather has also been adding significant sales volume. Now, to reach new regions and cities, Ather is aggressively adding new dealerships. Ather is already a well-established name in the EV business. Being one of the early entrants into the market, Ather Energy has played a pivotal role in shaping the EV market of this country.

The New 450X Gen 3

The biggest change in the new Gen 3 update is the battery. It is now 25 per cent larger in capacity. Ather also mentioned that the battery has a 20 per cent longer life. In terms of the range, the Gen 3 gets a certified range of 146 km. And in terms of Ather’s realistic ‘TruRange’, the figure has risen from 85 km to 105 km. The new 450X Gen 3 also gets new mirrors that increase visibility and 5 times more reliability.

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