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Ather acquires AiKaan’s Over-the-Air (OTA) platform

Written by Akhil Dalvi

India’s first electric two-wheeler manufacturer, Ather Energy, has decided to offer upgraded features and specifications for its existing customer base. The brand has acquired the rights to AiKaan’s OTA platform by partnering with AiKaan Labs Pvt Ltd. AiKaan Labs provides the industry’s first ‘Edge & Fog’ infrastructure along with a control solution that’s designed for IoT deployments. Since its inception, AiKaan has collaborated with Ather Energy to develop and deploy OTA updates for Ather’s e-scooters.

AiKaan’s Strategic Platform

By acquiring the rights to AiKaan’s strategic platform, Ather Energy aims to strengthen its connectivity platform. This includes Ather having complete control over the OTA software updates for its e-scooters. As a cornerstone for Ather’s connected platform, Over-the-Air software updates keep the brand’s 450 range of e-scooters up-to-date for modern times. The OTA platform remotely enables Ather to collect field data to enhance consumers’ product design and user experience.

Smart Connected Solutions

Combining AiKaan’s technology with Ather’s cloud platform, vehicles, and charging will increase end-to-end, smart-connected solutions with a logical user interface. Since its inception, Ather Energy has invested in connected capabilities to redefine mobility and vehicle ownership over the years. Ather’s in-house telematics platform, and connectivity infrastructure offers its customers smooth experiences and introduces new features via OTA upgrades.

Ather Electric Scooter Features

These upgrades include guide-me-home lights, call and music control via the dashboard, remote monitoring, vehicle tracking, and real-time vehicle health alerts. Driving past the OTA software upgrades is the Ather Energy Community and consumer research. Ather Energy is the only company to release OTA upgrades for improving its two-wheelers in comparison to rivals in the market.

Other News: 

Ather Energy witnessed three months of successful operations at its first experience centre at Lajpat Nagar, Delhi. Courtesy of its success, the brand has inaugurated two new Ather Space dealerships in Janakpuri and Gujranwala Town, respectively. Partnered with the PPS group, the brand opened the centres within Delhi to cater to the rising demand for its e-scooters. As Delhi gets its third Ather Space centre, the city sports the most number of dealerships in India after Bengaluru.

The brand has also unveiled its first-ever Ather Space centre in the city of Mysore at Karnataka. Ather Energy now has a total of 22 experience centres across the country, with Karnataka getting its third dealership. Thanks to recently revised FAME II norms, prices for Ather’s 450X, and 450 Plus e-scooters vary from state to state.

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