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Aprilia reveals RS 660 Trofeo variant, only 28 units

Written by News Team

Aprilia, the renowned Italian motorcycle manufacturer, has unveiled one of its most exclusive bikes – the RS 660 Trofeo. This model is so exclusive that only 28 units will ever be made.

Top-Class Suspension and Reprogrammed ECU

The RS 660 Trofeo variant, launched at a whopping Rs. 18 lakh, is built for the race track with a lot of parts incorporated to achieve the fastest lap time. The bike has been equipped with top-class components including a fully adjustable Misano by Andreani internal cartridge. This suspension system works for both compression and rebound damping and preload. At the rear, there is an Ohlins AP948 shock that is also fully adjustable for preload, compression, and rebound damping.

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Chassis Tuning and Engine Modifications

A lot of work has also gone into tuning the chassis. The company has lowered the riding position by using an upper steering yoke and adjustable semi-handlebars. The footpegs are now adjustable and the overall weight has also gone down by a couple of kilograms. The engine churns out a bit more power as the ECU has been reprogrammed to develop full power. To complement this, there’s the SC-Project racing exhaust.

Trofeo Limited Edition and Pricing

This limited edition RS 660 has been priced at a whopping Rs. 18 lakh – making it an expensive motorcycle. But it makes sense for riders who are looking to race quite often and also want something exclusive. The RS 660 Trofeo is the ideal model for those who want to enjoy an increasingly ambitious riding experience. With such prowess, product quality, and outstanding performance, this unique and special bike has Aprilia Racing expertise written all over it.

The Aprilia RS 660 Trofeo is truly a race-ready motorcycle tactfully built by Aprilia Racing. It is available for pre-order at a price of $21,000 USD.

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