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All Maruti Suzuki cars will get hybrid tech?

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Ever tightening emission norms and the sentiments to save the environment are pushing vehicle manufacturers to go green. Maruti Suzuki is also bent on making its petrol powertrains more efficient by offering environment-friendly technologies like a mild-hybrid engine. However, media reports suggest that the Indo-Japanese brand could offer mild- as well as strong-hybrid engines on its vehicles in the next few years.

Maruti Suzuki Hybrid Technology

According to a media report, Maruti Suzuki’s Chief Technical Officer, C V Raman, has revealed that there will not be a pure petrol engine vehicle in its range. The brand may offer at least a mild-hybrid powertrain as well as strong hybrid engines. In addition to this, Maruti Suzuki is also likely to make developments in the CNG and Bio-CNG fields. Furthermore, this will also help in the development of Ethanol engines. This is likely to help create a road toward pure electric powertrains.

Self-Charging Hybrid Vehicles

Self-charging strong-hybrid powertrains offer the best of both worlds. They not only help reduce CO2 emissions but also the range anxiety in pure electric vehicles. However, pure electric vehicles attract a tax of about 5 per cent, while the total tax incidence on hybrid vehicles is 43 per cent. C V Raman also added that hybrid tech vehicles should also enjoy the taxes that battery electric vehicles enjoy. Maruti Suzuki could offer its entire vehicle range with hybrid technology in the next 5 to 7 years, sources added. Also, the brand will be studying the EV segment for the next 3 to 5 years to offer better solutions to the customer.

Maruti Suzuki’s First Strong Hybrid Vehicle

Maruti Suzuki is likely to offer its first strong hybrid vehicle in the form of a mid-size SUV. Recently, Toyota unveiled the Urban Cruiser HyRyder, which rivals the Hyundai Creta and the Kia Seltos. The Maruti Suzuki version of the mid-size SUV will act as a stepping stone toward pure electric vehicles.

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