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400cc Kawasaki Ninja ZX-4R 4-cylinder sport bike patents leak

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Kawasaki is planning to launch the new Ninja ZX-4R, an in-line four-cylinder version of the Ninja ZX-25-R. The brand is likely to use a similar chassis and bodywork, and the design is also likely to remain the same. Sources report that leaked patent designs also confirm that the Ninja ZX-4R will be launched soon in the Indian market. 

Target Audience

Last month, the news of the Ninja ZX-4R under development was pure speculation, but now patents confirm that Kawasaki may launch the motorcycle soon. Sources report that Team Green could develop the bike for markets where the Ninja ZX-25R is not viable. Kawasaki markets the quarter-litre in-line four-cylinder monster in Asian countries, but the four-cylinder 400 will target continental Europe and America. 

Ninja ZX-4R patent Design

The patent design focuses on the bodywork, and through the front, we can see four exhaust outlets. Here sources say that initially, the bodywork design was for the 400cc in-line model but then adapted for the Ninja ZX-25R. The design patents also in detail depict the aeroducts that are also present on the ZX-25R. As you would expect from a high-revving engine, the ducts extract hot air away from the engine and rider.

Similar ducts are also present on the patent designs. This leads us to believe that the 400cc engine will also be a high revving one. The vents also allow the radiator to be smaller, which allows a sharper front end. This also improves the motorcycle’s aerodynamic efficiency and enables it to be slightly lighter in weight. 


Currently, the engine specifications on the Ninja ZX-4R is scarce, but expect a high-revving sonorous motor. The brand is likely to use a similar engine architecture from the Ninja ZX-25R. But the innards will be completely different, and it is not likely to be a rebore job. However, the mechanical components could be pretty similar to the Ninja ZX-25R, but the suspension is likely to be tuned to handle the extra stresses from the larger displacement engine. 

More details on the motorcycle will be available in the near future. 

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