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1-star safety rating for Honda WR-V by Latin NCAP

Written by Rohit Tonapi

Latin NCAP recently tested the Honda WR-V hatchback and has scored a 1-star safety rating. On the other hand, when Latin NCAP tested the 2015 Honda Fit, the hatchback scored a 5-star rating. Both the models tested were made in Brazil and are LHD. The test car came with 2 airbags, Seat Belt Reminder (SBR), Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and ISOFIX anchorages as standard.

2022 Honda WR-V – 1-Star Safety Rating

The latest test result for Honda WR-V is from September 2022. The hatchback scored 16.41 points for Adult Occupant Protection, which is 41.03 per cent of the maximum score. As for Child Occupant Protection, the 2022 WR-V scored 19.92 points, which is 40.66 per cent of the maximum score. 

Adult Occupant Protection – Frontal Protection

Latin NCAP stated that the WR-V offered good protection to the driver and passenger’s head and neck. However, the driver’s and passenger’s chests showed adequate protection. Meanwhile, protection for both driver and passenger’s knees was marginal. This is because their knees can impact with dangerous structures behind the fascia. The driver’s tibias showed adequate protection, while the passenger’s tibias showed good protection. Latin NCAP rated the body shell and footwell area as stable.¬†

For the side impact test, protection was good for the head, abdomen and pelvis. However, chest protection was marginal. Latin NCAP did not perform a side pole impact test as the WR-V does not offer side head protection as standard.

Child Occupant Protection

Latin NCAP installed the 3-year-old child seat in the forward-facing position using the ISOFIX anchorages and Top Tether. The WR-V was able to prevent excessive forward movement of the head during the impact. On the other hand, Latin NCAP installed the 18 months old child seat in the rearward-facing position using the seatbelt. They found out that the WR-V was able to prevent the head from being exposed in a frontal impact.

Furthermore, both CRSs offered good protection in the side impact tests. The 2022 WR-V comes with 3-point seat belts in all seating positions as standard in all variants. Latin NCAP also stated that it was not possible to disconnect the passenger airbag in case of a reward-facing CRS is installed. The WR-V did not meet I-size conditions. Some of the CRS also failed the installation.

Pedestrian Protection 

The 2022 Honda WR-V scored 28.23 points, which is 58.2 per cent of the maximum score for Pedestrian Protection. Latin NCAP also stated that the car meets Pedestrian Protection UN regulations. The WR-V showed a majority of areas with average and marginal protection levels. However, the upper and lower leg showed good protection.

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