Yamaha RX100 Restoration and Re-registration

Written by Nizam Shaikh

The Yamaha RX 100 is one of those motorcycles that every motorcycle fanboy has at least once in their lifetime craved to own. The two-stroke machine is now discontinued but some immaculate examples still traverse in urban environments. The RX 100 motorcycle has a cult status, especially in the two-stroke world, so much so that aficionados are ready to pay a handsome price to acquire the RX 100 bike, even in 2021.

Yamaha RX 100 Engine Specifications

Powering the Yamaha RX 100 is a 98cc two-stroke single-cylinder engine with air-cooling that produced 11 Hp of power and 10.4 Nm of torque. The engine came with a 4-speed transmission and a wet multi-plate clutch. The engines aural performance was enough to give goosebumps to many two-stroke enthusiasts but the Yamaha RX 100 does not have an efficient engine as per today’s standards.

Two-Stroke Emissions and Yamaha RX 100 mileage

Approximately, 30% of the fuel leaves the pipes unburnt and to help with the cooling of frictional parts, two-stroke engines also burn 2T (Two-Cycle Oil) in a crankcase combustion engine to keep the pistons, crankshafts, bearings and pins lubricated and cool. This oil burns along with the petrol and produces smoke in the exhaust gases. The Yamaha RX 100 uses such an engine which means it is as efficient as four-stroke engines of the same size/capacity. The RX 100’s mileage is approximately 32-38 kmpl but ARAI claims that the RX 100’s mileage can go up to 40 kmpl. To put things into perspective a modern-day 100cc four-stroke single-cylinder motorcycle which may be less powerful than the RX 100, returns a fuel economy between 55 kmpl to 80 kmpl.

Re-Registering a Yamaha RX 100 two-stroke motorcycle

Currently, the Government of India is taking huge steps to curb air and noise pollution especially in metropolitan cities, but two-stroke motorcycle can be re-registered by paying a Green Tax which is an environmental fee that has been levied to discourage people from re-registering older motorcycles as well as registration taxes.

Restoring a Yamaha RX 100

The Yamaha RX 100 bike is one of the lesser complicated to restore and find parts. Compared to other motorcycles such as Yezdi/Jawa and BSA it is easier to find spare parts for the RX 100. This enables enthusiasts to restore the motorcycle with ease. All you need is a competent mechanic who knows his way around two-stroke engines.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does it cost to purchase a Yamaha RX 100 motorcycle?

Yamaha RX 100 BS6 in India is not available as the Japanese manufacturer has officially discontinued the RX 100, but there are a few clean motorcycles for sale in the used two-wheeler market. The Yamaha RX 100 price in India in 2021 can start anywhere from INR 10,000 and go all the up to INR 50,000 depending on the condition. We have also come across collectors asking 6 figure prices for out-of-the-factory condition and properly restored RX bike in India.

How much does it cost to restore a Yamaha RX 100?

Apart from the cost of acquisition the Yamaha RX 100 in 2021 could cost around INR 25,000 to INR 35,000 depending on conditions. Cost estimation does not include registration and green tax fees.

How much does it cost to re-register a Yamaha RX 100 in 2021?

It takes approximately INR 10,000 to INR 15,000 depending on the papers, conditions and penalties levied by the RTO.  This estimate does not count pollution certificates and insurance premium.


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