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Yamaha EC-05 electric scooter coming to India via Drivezy

Parichay Malvankar
Written by Parichay Malvankar

Yamaha has developed an electric scooter by the name EC-05 in association with a Taiwanese brand Gogoro. This e-scooter was unveiled just a few weeks back, and now, reports are doing the rounds that the Yamaha EC-05 could hit the Indian streets. This would not be a direct product launch from Yamaha in India, but more of a EV testing ground exercise as a ride-sharing platform from Bengaluru, Drivezy will be introducing this two-wheeler. The EC-05 could be in the Drivezy fleet by November 2019.

The EC-05 would become the first electric Yamaha model to be available in India. Although not for direct purchase, but still the brands presence will be felt in the EV segment.

The EC-05 electric scooter from Yamaha & Gogoro comes with a battery swap technology. So if you invest in 2 batteries, you can just swap for a charged one and not worry about the riding range. The swapping of batteries also adds to the charging convenience as you can simply carry it with you if there is no plug-point in the parking area. The EC-05 has the EV tech developed by Gogoro while styling has been undertaken by Yamaha Japan. The scooter features full-LED lighting, digital instrument cluster, conventional scooter design, small front fly screen, telescopic front suspension, alloy wheels, front & rear disc brakes, single-piece seat, pillion grab rail and the likes.

The Yamaha EC-05 will have a top speed in the range of 85-95 kmph and will have a riding range of 100 km on a single charge on 2 packs. The scooter can hold 2 battery packs at the same time which also makes it unique compared to other EVs. The EC-05 is based on the Gogoro S2 electric scooter and can sprint from 0-50 kmph in less than 4 seconds. It weighs 100 kg, which makes it light and zippy for city use. The Yamaha EC-05 produces 7.6 kW of power @ 3000 RPM.

Drivezy is trying to partner with someone to setup an EV charging infrastructure. The brand already has a fleet of regular scooters available even at Oyo Rooms hotels in Bengaluru. A similar model could be used for EVs with a new subsidiary being created for battery-operated vehicles.