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When would Mahindra’s 2022 & 2023 concepts hit the streets?

Written by Kanad Kalasur

At the recently concluded Mahindra’s Futurescape event, the carmaker revealed not just the path ahead, but also the timeline and updates to the all-electric range of upcoming vehicles. Mahindra has revealed the launch timelines for four of its electric SUVs. Other information revealed includes its powertrain options as well as a new logo for these aforementioned SUVs.

Launch timeline of upcoming Mahindra electric SUV

The first car to be launched will be the Mahindra XUV.e8. This electric SUV is nothing but the BEV version of the XUV700 on sale today. Offered with 7 seats, the car will be built upon the INGLO skateboard platform. This is expected to be launched by December 2024.

The next model is the XUV e9, slated for April 2025. The e9 is nothing but the coupe version of the XUV.e8. Both cars will share the insides and the mechanicals.

After these two, Mahindra plans to launch dedicated EVs. These are the born electric or BE range of SUVs. The first one is BE 05, a 4.4m long SUV. It is expected to hit the showrooms by October 2025. An offroad derivative of the BE 05, the BE Rall.e will be launched later.
Finally, the BE 07 will be launched sometime in April 2026. Earlier it was said that the 4.6m long SUV would be ready by October 2025. Mahindra has not revealed the dates for the BE 09 SUV.

Powertrain of new Mahindra electric SUVs

Initially, at the development of the INGLO platform, it was said that batteries and motors would be sourced BYD and Valeo. Future models are expected to get motors from Volkswagen.

The earlier models like the XUV.e8 will get a rear axle mounted Valeo motor. This is rated at 231 HP / 380 Nm.

Meanwhile, the BE 05 and BE 07 will get Volkswagen sourced motors. The rear wheel drive variants will get a 286 HP and 535 Nm rating while the AWD ones will get an extra front motor rated at 109 HP and 135 Nm. Mahindra has not revealed the combined outputs of these motors yet.

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