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What is Mercedes Mythos? What cars to expect?

Written by News Team

Mercedes-Benz is all set to redefine the ultra-luxury automobile segment with its sub-brand ‘Mythos’. Created two years ago, Mythos is positioned above the already luxurious Maybach series.

The First of Its Kind

The first car under the Mythos brand is expected to debut in 2025. This ultra-luxurious model will be a super luxurious version of Mercedes-Benz’s SL offering. Once launched, the SL will be available across all three of Mercedes’ sub-brands: AMG, Maybach, and Mythos.

Engine and Performance

While the AMG version will be offered in both 4 and 8-cylinder engine options, the Maybach and Mythos versions will be powered exclusively by the 8-cylinder power unit. The Mythos SL is expected to be priced even higher than its Maybach version, somewhere around the 300,000 euros mark.

A Glimpse into the Future

Ahead of its unveil, Mercedes-Benz has released a small teaser of the upcoming model alongside its launch timeline. The AMG-branded SL will soon be joined by two luxury-oriented siblings in the form of the Maybach SL and the ultra-luxury Mythos SL.

The Vision of Mythos

The introduction of the new sub-brand is aimed at boosting Mercedes-Benz’s top-end vehicle sales by up to 60% by 2026. The Mythos series will be positioned above the Mercedes-Maybach line-up. The Mythos sub-brand will produce low-volume special vehicles for “the most dedicated enthusiasts & collectors of Mercedes-Benz”. These cars will be sold to the most dedicated enthusiasts and collectors of Mercedes-Benz.