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Volvo launches FH, FM and FMX range of trucks

Volvo launches FH, FM and FMX range of trucks
Written by Parichay Malvankar

Volvo has launched the FH, FM and FMX range of trucks in India. The flagship Volvo FH has been voted as the ‘International Truck of the Year 2014’ in Europe. Volvo has invested more than US$3 billion and 14 million engineering hours in this project have tested the vehicles for 21 million kilometers.

These new range of trucks offer better productivity, fuel efficiency and safety to maximizing uptime. The range also introduces unique features such as the intelligent I-Shift automated gearbox technology optimized for tough and rugged mining operating conditions, as well as Volvo’s Dynafleet telematics system which allows following up on fuel consumption over time, and – together with Volvo Trucks Driver Training services – coach drivers into further improving their fuel saving skills. Dynafleet also enables customers to see in real time the location of their vehicles and vehicles’ performance data.

  • The new Volvo FH 520, built grounds up, has increased technical load carrying capacity (GCW) by 33% to 200 tonnes.
  • The new FMX 440 8X4 is equipped to deliver the best in class productivity with an increased body capacity of 19.5 cu.m, which allows to carry an additional bucket of payload. Also, it will offer the I-Shift gearbox for mining as an option.
  • The Volvo FM 6X4 tractor has improved power output from 400hp to 440hp leading to increased pulling power. Also, it would now come with a 125 tonnes (technical GCW) Puller. It would also have a Euro 4 6X4 rigid variant with 420 hp and I-shift for special applications.