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Volkswagen reveals ‘Polo RX’ – Rear-engine, rear wheel drive

Written by Parichay Malvankar

Volkswagen Motorsport India, the team is celebrating their 10th year of motorsports here in India with a special car. Earlier dubbed as the Winter Project Car, this new race-spec car has been named the Polo RX. While Volkswagen used to race cars developed in Germany, now they build everything from scratch here in India.

The Polo RX which you see in the images here is very unique, unlike any other road-going Polo and even the previous Polo Cup cars. This is a rear-engine, rear-wheel-drive version. This is also the most powerful version of the hatchback that they have built. Specific for track days, and built for racing, while the Polo RX uses the body shell of a standard Polo, it is quite a different thing under the hood (or should we say under the boot?).

The Polo RX comes with a 1.8L TSI engine with a sequential gear box and paddle shifts. This engine has also been seen on the Ameo Cup cars. The team developed a new drivetrain for this Winter Project car. The turbocharged engine has the intercooler positioned under the rear seats. It also has special air ducts installed so that the air flow is optimum. The cooling system, fuel system, exhaust and other such components have also been specially developed. The fuel tank has been moved ahead as well. Of course, the suspension has been set up accordingly.

This Polo RX Winter Project is a one-off build. However, customers can buy this car for track use.