Useless Car Accessories: Part 1

Written by Tejen Dhankhar

People worldwide love their vehicles. Of course, they had put their hard earned in those vehicles but there are manufacturers providing something ‘more’ to make their vehicle look better or shall we write ‘bad’ in some cases. Yes, accessories are not always enhancing your vehicle’s look & feel and here are some examples which are completely pointless. Here we present part one of such not-so-useful accessories, have a look.



Indeed ‘Spoilers’ are a spoiler on your car until your car is not tuned for track focused performance. The main utilization of spoilers in any car racing firm is to increase the down force in order to make them more aerodynamic and stable at high speeds and under extreme performance. But, installing them on your stock Swift is never a good idea. Not it just looks ridiculous, but, also doesn’t help in any kind of performance increase. Looks are a subjective matter but these definitely are not of use until you upgrade your car mechanically to perform harder.



Same case as that of spoilers, no need of installing until you tune your car performance oriented. Body kits do the exactly same work as those of spoilers, increase down force over car, thus, making your car fast and stable at tracks. But, if you intend to install them on your stock road car without any serious performance mods, it’s just simply useless. It’s just extra weight & effort for the car.



High end HID or bi-xenon lights, flashy neon’s and many such LED lights installed all over your car is something that we see often on the streets. Not only are these aftermarket lights useless at times, but also dangerous as they hamper the vision of the oncoming traffic. Also in bad weather conditions like rains or fog, the spread of these lights is reduced to minimum and hence leads to a dangerous decrease in visibility for user. It’s better to play safe than to spend money and be unsafe.



Yes, somehow these made to the list. People love alloys, they are so obsessed that they would fit anything in the name of alloy wheels to their rides. Alloys find their share of use into vehicles and almost every car manufacturer tries to fit alloys due to their pros into car performance, handling and stability. Manufacturers opt for good quality alloys with higher strength while most of the ‘cheap’ aftermarket alloy wheels are not certified. They fade away, crack down and are unsafe in most of the conditions. Also people would fit any size of alloy wheels in their cars without prior knowledge and thus harming the suspension, chassis and engine performance of vehicle. In such case, alloy wheels do become worthless installations and hence people end up wasting money.

Selecting, installing and use of accessories is very user specific and no one can be blamed for that. Each individual has his / her set of choices, but spending or wasting your precious amount of money over parts that are not proving useful to you is not a good idea.

Buy wise drive wise.

[Image Source : Popularmechanics.com, griffithsdiscounttire.com]