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Ultraviolette F77 India’s 1st electric two-wheeler with Bosch dual channel ABS

Written by AnantaSaranNayak

With an aim to improve the safety of motorists on Indian roads. Bosch India and Ultraviolette Automotive Pvt. Ltd have collaborated to build India’s first high-performance electric motorcycle – the F77. The electric urban sport motorcycle equips a refined and precise dual channel ABS intervention from Bosch. This allows the rider to maintain stability, thus, contributing to a safer riding experience even during braking.

Safety Is Of Paramount Importance

With the launch of F77, Ultraviolette Automotive Pvt. Ltd., an innovator in sustainable mobility, became India’s first electric motorcycle model integrating Bosch ABS. Along with ABS, F77 also has taken its inspiration from the principles used in the aviation industry. This also includes the rear-wheel lift-up mitigation function.

Bosch’s Plans For The Future

Bosch has been at the forefront of ensuring safety in India and globally. The vision of the company is to move forward in the direction of achieving accident-free mobility. Thus with the association with Ultraviolette, they are bringing in industry-leading technology in their electric motorcycle the F77. The launch of F77 with Bosch ABS will make riding an electric two-wheeler fun and efficient and equally safe. With such partnerships, Bosch will continue its contribution towards rider safety. They will not only in the conventional two-wheeler space but also extend it to electric two-wheelers.

Ultraviolette F77 Is Equally Fun and Safe

Ultraviolette has spent the past few years perfecting the F77 across all aspects. This includes design, vehicle engineering, performance, safety, and user experience. The design and engineering process has focused heavily on an uncompromising approach towards rider safety. The F77 is also India’s first electric two-wheeler with dual-channel ABS by Bosch. Ultraviolette claims of having performed rigorous testing across all terrains, in both dry and wet conditions.  Given the fact that the F77 comes equipped with Bosch ABS.  The motorcycle has the capability to handle all braking scenarios with ease and enhances riding confidence significantly.

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