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TVS rolls out A.R.I.V.E Augmented Reality app for Apache RR310 & Apache RTR2004V

Written by Nizam Shaikh

TVS Motor Company has unveiled the TVS A.R.I.V.E app that enables the customers to view TVS motorcycle in Augmented Reality. A.R.I.V.E is the acronym for Augmented Reality Interactive Vehicle Experience. The A.R.I.V.E app allows the TVS vehicle to be viewed anywhere and customers are able to simulate the vehicle in their parking lot or garage through Augmented Reality technology. Through the new application, customers are also able to explore the features of TVS motorcycles and check the size as well as engine specifications. 

The A.R.I.V.E app will debut with the brand’s flagship motorcycles the Apache RR310 and the Apache RTR 200 4V. The brand will soon include other models on the AR platform as well. The customer can download independent modules for every product as per their preference and liking. Furthermore, each module is divided into Place to explore (AR-based), Scan a real bike (AR-based) and the 3D mode (for non-AR compatible devices). Each module offers multiple hotspots that reveal detailed features of the motorcycle. The app also provides videos, animation and description in details. 

Using the Place to explore mode, customers can create an augmented experience of the vehicle via a virtual 3D model of the AR world and the motorcycle can be placed in this AR world on any horizontal surface. The user can then go around the motorcycle, 360-degrees to view it in detail. The vehicle can also be zoomed in and out by moving the device near and far. 

On the other hand, Scan a real bike mode offers a combination of real objects as well as the Augmented Reality world. Users can scan a vehicle by holding their device in front of it. The vehicle then automatically gets highlighted and users can get the x-ray vision functionality to get a detailed explanation of the features. 

The last mode is the 3D mode which is compatible with both AR & Non-AR supported devices. The 3D mode offers users a 360-degree view of the vehicle and also allows them to zoom in and out. Also, users can tap on hotspots to get more information on the features provided through audio-visual or textual format. The user is also able to experience an aerial view of the vehicle using the camera option. 

Through the A.R.I.V.E app, customers can also locate the nearest dealership, schedule a test ride and book their vehicle online. The TVS A.R.I.V.E app is available on both Google Playstore for Android and Apple App Store for IOS users.