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TVS Racing launches experience centre at KidZania Delhi NCR

Written by Kanad Kalasur

TVS Racing has announced a new partnership with KidZania – an edutainment theme park. TVS Racing has now unveiled a state-of-the-art TVS Racing zone at KidZania Delhi NCR.

The first-of-its-kind racing experience for youngsters is expected to be a stepping stone for them into motosports.

Activities at he TVS Racing Experience Centre, KidZania Delhi NCR

One of the highlights of this location is the first virtual racing championship at KidZania. The championship will be hosted over a two-month period and will be based on the participation and performance of young riders. They will be judged on the racing simulators, assembly zone and design challenges.

Other events include the TVS Apache RR 310 Assembly arena and the TVS Apache RR 310 Design Studio. The studio will allow the kids to design a bike using cues, understand the assembly lines, and use kits according to the guidelines. There will also be a TVS Racing Racer including TVS Racing Simulator Experience, along with a riding license from the riding school. The TVS Racing Racer @ Racetrack will feature an exclusively developed motorcycle. There will also be Riding gears including Helmets, Gloves and riding jackets and other merchandise.

About TVS Racing

TVS Racing has over 40 years of racing heritage and experience. In 1994, they started One Make Championship which has now been expanded across four categories pan India. It also includes a Rookie level which is suitable for 12-18 year olds. Since 2021, TVS Racing has trained over 50+ rookie riders. In 2022 TVS Racing had organized the Asia One Make Championship as well.

Now, the KidZania partnership has been developed by TVS Racing to cater to the 4-16 year olds. The partnership is an extension of TVS Racing’s commitment to promoting motorsports as a safe and thrilling experience. This experience  is expected to be fun and involve interaction. It will also inspire and cultivate passion for racing in the young generation for the future.

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