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Tramontana XTR supercar coming to India

Tramontana XTR supercar coming to India
Written by Parichay Malvankar

If Ferrari, Bugatti, Koenigsegg are too mainstream names for you, read ahead, this might interest you.

Tramontana, the supercar brand is eyeing an Indian debut with the XTR. A Spanish company, Tramontana is known for serving Formula 1 and other motorsport categories with engineering expertise.

The Tramontana XTR is a two-seater supercar with the passenger sitting being the driver seat. Much like the cockpit of a fighter jet. Each car is built to customer specifications, for example, one can opt for a different rear wing if the road conditions are favourable and you might need more downforce. The company even offers a variety of 23 alloy wheel styles to suit everyone’s taste.

Powering the XTR will be an Audi sourced, 5.2L, V10 motor producing 600 BHP of power or a Mercedes-Benz V12 TwinTurbo motor producing 888 BHP of power. For a car weighing only 1,200 kg, the power to weight ratio would be a treat to the adrenaline craving enthusiast.

Tramontana is planning to set up a dealership in Mumbai backed with full service support. The brand is already in talks with the government for necessary approvals, and you could see this piece of art scream past you on the Indian streets in the near future.

No points for guessing that the pricing of the XTR would be upwards of Rs. 3 crore, easily.

Tramontana-XTR-1 Tramontana-XTR-2 Tramontana-XTR-3 Tramontana-XTR-4

Source – ThrillOfDriving