Track Days! Things to do

Track Days! Things to do
Written by Tejen Dhankhar

I remember my first time on a track.

At the Buddh International Circuit, Greater Noida it was a very hot day. That meant a lot of sweating and loss of water from the body and also an increased appetite. Well, keeping some of these minor things aside, it surely was a day to remember. But that day also taught me the etiquette for tracks, on how to be prepared for a long track day. Here are some of my observations that might help you while attending such nerve wrecking track days.


Well, most people might think that someone with a supersport motorcycle would be attending track days and hence many refrain from attending track days. No! Attend track days irrespective of what bike you own. I have seen people leaning Harley’s on track and that’s what track day is all about. It’s not about what you have or what you can do but it’s about living your passion.


The track you are riding on is not built to race and win, but is made to learn and progress. Think of it as your regular road with some technical bends and curves and some high speed traffic with you. Someone faster than you? Let them pass and vice versa will happen. Although there is an ambulance and track officials present, even then in such a safe environment things can go bad. So take it easy.


It’s not like you have to get straight on track and go as fast as possible. Make a plan, consider yourself, your experience and the areas you miss the most. Try to improve at corners and high speed stability. Once figured out, go for the track and start practicing everything according to plan. This would help you improve rapidly.


Popping up wheelies, stoppies, burnouts & stunts in pit lane is seriously not cool. Avoid such things. A crash in pitlane is without a doubt the most embarrassing thing you can do to yourself. Also people you interact on track are most probably from the high end of motorcycling world. With experience more than your age, they might be the best teachers to one. So behaving is just another part of learning process. Keep it simple and effective.


Water and food is not something that track authorities would be providing to you. So, please come already buffed up with all of it. A full track day session might lead to as much as 2kg loss in weight for a rider just by water loss from body. Dehydration should not be the thing to suffer. Also, increased appetite is another addition to all this. Preparation is better.


The last but not the least is this. Save yourself some good money before hitting the track. A good single day session at BIC, Greater Noida would cost you 9,000 INR itself. Apart of this, your bike is going to consume a lot of brakes and tyre sets. Fuel would also be seen disappearing before you can think of. So, be prepared to shove off some good money to enjoy your passion.