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Toyota reveals bZ3 EV with 599 km range

Written by Kanad Kalasur

Toyota has taken the wraps of its bZ3 EV. Based on the bZ4X SUV, it is expected to go on sale in China from next year. The EV could also be sold in the European and Asian markets later. Toyota is using batteries from BYD, which claim a 599 km range on a single charge.

Design of the Toyota bZ3 EV

The bZ3 gets features like the split headlamps and full-width LED stripe from the bZ4C SUV. It measures 4,275mm in length, 1,835mm in width and 1,475mm in height. Compared to its main rival, the Tesla Model 3, it is slightly bigger in size.

Toyota is claiming a low drag coefficient of just 0.218 Cd. A low drag is even more essential for EVs, where the source of power is the onboard battery. Using Air Guides and Air Curtains on the exterior of the car, Toyota has achieved this low number. It also gets a wind-resistant rear bumper and aluminium wheels. All these aero bits have contributed to the low drag coefficient number, which is even better than the Tesla Model 3’s 0.23 Cd.

On the inside, the car gets a large portrait-oriented touch screen called the digital island. Controls for the AC, music and boot release are integrated into this touchscreen. There are also voice functions offered in the car. Toyota said that the interiors are designed with the ‘family lounge concept’ that considers the car more a family space than a mere tool to go from point A to point B.

Battery tech of the b3Z EV

Based on the eTNGA platform, the bZ3 is internally known as the 40PL. BYD’s Blade lithium-iron phosphate batteries are used, which claim retention of 90% of its charge after even 10 years of usage. While specific details like the charging time and performance of the powertrain have yet to be revealed, it will have a range of 599 km on a single charge.

Launch in India

There is no word yet on the launch of the car in India, but it remains to be seen on Toyota’s strategy for the Indian market. BYD has recently launched the BYD Atto 3 EV here, which could mean that the two carmakers could collaborate in the future.

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