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Ather Energy bags 22% market share in Karnataka

Written by Kanad Kalasur

Ather Energy has announced some sales figures for the electric scooters that they have sold. For Diwali, they delivered 250 units of their 450X model in Bangalore. According to Ather, this has been the largest-ever delivery of scooters in one go from any location on the same day. The event was organised in collaboration with Ather’s retail partner BIA Ventures, at Gopalan Mall, Bannerghatta Road.

Ather Energy sales number & growth

For the year 2022, Ather has achieved a 121 per cent Year over Year (Y-o-Y) growth in the April to September period. In the third quarter of 2022, Ather registered a 67 per cent growth compared to the previous quarter (Q2). For the month of September 2022, the start-up delivered 2006 units in the Karnataka state. This makes it the largest market for Ather scooters in India. These numbers show a Y-o-Y growth of 197 per cent.

High sales in the festive season have made Ather a popular option in the EV scooter segment. Ather currently has a 22% market share in the state. So far in the current year, Ather has delivered over 10,000 units in the state of Karnataka. Over two-thirds of them were delivered in the city of Bangalore.

To cater to the rising demand for electric vehicles, the company plans to open new Experience Centers in the city and the state in the coming months. Earlier this year, Ather Energy also signed an MoU with the Government of Karnataka to establish 1000 fast-charging stations for electric two-wheelers across the state. The company has also installed 80+ charging grids across the state to reduce range and charging anxiety.

Ather 450X Gen 3

Ather recently launched the 450X gen 3 scooter. It has a 6 kW motor and a 3.7 kWh battery pack. The 450X Gen 3 has a new Smart Eco Mode that allows riders to enjoy cruising in ‘Ride’ mode whilst offering the range of ‘Eco’ mode. The upgraded version will offer five ride modes – Warp, Sport, Ride, SmartEco, and Eco. The maximum power output in Warp mode is 6.2 kW.

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