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Toyota EVs could get a manual gearbox?

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Toyota could be looking into the possibility of a manual transmission for its electric vehicles. The Japanese car brand has filed multiple patents applications for a new manual gearbox technology. According to reports, the patents showcase a clutch-operated manual transmission mechanism. The application reveals that electric vehicles will come with a ‘pseudo-shifter’ and ‘pseudo-clutch’. Thanks to this, Toyota electric vehicles will be capable of a traditional manual gearbox similar to IC-engined cars.

Toyota Manual Gearbox

According to patents, the manual transmission-equipped electric vehicles will feature a powertrain control module. The module will be able to control the torque output on the electric motor depending upon the shifter position and a simulated rpm. The simulated rpm will also be displayed on a tachometer, further enhancing the feel of the vehicle. The module is also capable of stalling the vehicle if the simulated rpm becomes too low.

This will offer similar characteristics to the vehicle and similar to an ICE (internal combustion engine) car. The technology also includes a reaction force generator. This offers vibrational feedback through the pedals. The clutch pedal is designed to push back the driver’s foot. This helps mimic the operations of a clutch pedal similar to a traditional IC-engined car. However, it can also be observed that the EV can be used even without the pseudo shifter and pseudo pedal.

Toyota’s Recent Innovations

Recently, Toyota introduced its new Autonomous Drift system. The brand is currently testing the new technology on a closed race circuit. The brand claims that the new technology will help make roads safer. The autonomous drift technology will be especially helpful in ice and snow, where cars are prone to spinning. Toyota Research Insititute (TRI) has programmed the system on the Toyota GR Supra and is using Nonlinear Model Predictive Control (NMPC) technology. The aim of the new technology is to bring a new level of active safety.

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