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Tata Motors launches awareness campaign for Nexon EV

Written by AnantaSaranNayak

The growing electric vehicle segment in India is attracting a lot of customers. But, still, there are few with apprehensions regarding the charging infrastructure. Thus to change this narrative, Tata Motors is launching a new campaign named ‘NexonEVChargingStories’. This campaign revolves around the various Nexon EV owners describing their experience using the country’s charging infrastructure. This also aims to educate the people on extracting the maximum driving range from their Nexon EV. The spike in petrol and diesel price is already pushing a lot of people to look for alternate options. With the current situation, public transport is not an option at all, and thus electric vehicles are the way to go.

Nexon EV Propels The Electric Car Segment In India

Nexon EV was the country’s best selling electric car for 2020. Since its launch in January 2020, the car sold over 4,000 units to date. The sales figure also reflects in the market share. Nexon EV currently is leading the electric car segment with a market share of over 64 per cent. To encourage more customers to opt for electric vehicles, Tata Motors is extensively working to improve the charging infrastructure. In collaboration with Tata Power, Tata Motors aims to provide the customers with end-to-end charging stations available at their home and offices. As of now, there are over 465 charging points installed in over 92 cities across the country.

Electric Vehicles Are The Future Of Mobility

Currently, the commercial sector is witnessing healthy growth in the e-mobility segment. E-commerce giants like Flipkart and Amazon are overhauling their delivery infrastructure to include electric vehicles. The main advantage of electric vehicles over fossil fuel counterparts is their zero-tailpipe emissions. Pollution is also a significant issue, especially in metropolitan cities. The growth of electric vehicles will also help in controlling the carbon footprint. The charging infrastructure is a major concern among the public right now. But, the numbers will increase very soon as the charging infrastructure is evolving at a very rapid pace. Hence, the future of electric vehicles looks quite promising in India.

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