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Tata Motors bags order of 1,500 electric buses from Delhi Transport Corporation

Written by Nayak

Tata Motors recently bagged an order of 1500 electric buses from Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) under the tender by Convergence Energy Services Limited. Under this, Tata Motors will supply, operate and maintain air-conditioned, low-floor, 12-metre fully built electric buses for 12 years. These Tata Starbus electric buses offer state-of-the-art technology for sustainable, eco-friendly and economical public transportation. Furthermore, they get all the modern features to enable safe, smooth and comfortable travel for passengers.

EV Public Transportation

The introduction of environment-friendly buses will also help mainly in reducing air pollution, which has been a major concern for Delhi. Energy-friendly moves like this go a long way in proving the efforts to fix Delhi’s alarming pollution options. Furthermore, this is DTC’s largest order for electric buses under the Grand Challenge of CESL. The Delhi Government is showing exemplary leadership in transitioning over to electric buses. This collaboration and the introduction of electric buses will also pave the way for other metro cities to opt for such initiatives. The introduction of these electric buses will further fortify DTC to help in environment-friendly mass mobility for the city of Delhi.

Tata Motors’ Green Initiatives

Tata Motors has always been at the front when it comes to bringing environment-friendly mobility to India. The brand’s state-of-the-art R&D facilities have steadily worked hard to bring in innovative solutions. This includes alternate fuel technology, including battery-electric, hybrid, CNG, LNG and hydrogen fuel cell technology. To date, Tata Motors has supplied more than 650 electric buses across multiple cities in India, which is a very significant number. All these buses have cumulatively clocked more than 39 million kilometres.

Tailpipe emissions from an ICE engine have been one of the chief contributors to the increasingly growing carbon footprint. The need of the hour is to lower this level somehow. The central and various state governments have already taken steps to encourage the rapid adoption of electric vehicles in the country. With the increase in electric vehicles, we can expect some positive change and help reduce the carbon footprint.

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