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Tata Avinya is going to be a separate brand of cars?

Written by News Team

In a strategic move, Tata Motors has announced that Avinya will not merely be a model name but a distinct brand dedicated to premium electric vehicles. This revelation comes from Vivek Srivatsa, Chief Commercial Officer at Tata Passenger Electric Mobility, who confirmed that the Avinya brand would encompass a diverse range of EVs, including SUVs and MPVs.

The Avinya concept, which first made headlines in April 2022 as a concept vehicle, is set to materialize into a family of EVs based on Tata’s Gen 3 EV architecture. This architecture features a born-electric skateboard platform, marking a significant leap in Tata Motors’ EV design and engineering.

A Premium Positioning

Avinya, derived from the Sanskrit word for ‘innovation,’ is poised to occupy the higher echelons of Tata’s product portfolio. Srivatsa clarified that while there might be some overlap with regular Tata EVs, Avinya is envisioned to have no strict price differentiation, allowing it to cater to a broader market segment seeking premium electric mobility solutions.

Collaboration with Jaguar Land Rover

In an interesting turn of events, the Avinya range will utilize Jaguar Land Rover’s (JLR) modular EMA architecture, which is also slated to underpin the next-generation models of Velar, Evoque, and Discovery Sport. This collaboration is expected to bring a synergy of Tata’s market presence and JLR’s technological prowess, potentially setting new benchmarks in the EV industry.

Manufacturing and Investment

The upcoming Avinya cars will be manufactured at Tata’s new plant in Tamil Nadu, a facility that has seen an investment of INR 9,000 crore. The plant, speculated to be located at Ranipet, may also serve as a production hub for JLR EVs, leveraging the cost benefits of localizing the EMA platform in India.

Features and Expectations

The EMA platform is designed to support Level 2+ autonomous capabilities, an integrated propulsion system, battery management, and ultrafast charging. It will also enable over-the-air updates, ensuring that Avinya vehicles remain at the cutting edge of technology.

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