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Tamil Nadu bans use of mobikes for students

Tamil Nadu school education department has issued a circular to schools warning them that the school will be held responsible if their student is caught riding a two-wheeler. This ban issued is not just for motorcycles, but even for scooters, mopeds etc. The government has taken this step to avoid the threat that youngsters pose to themselves as well as other people on the road.

Schools have been informed to take other precautionary measures such as installing speed-breakers at the main gate etc. The decision has been made after evaluating the number of accidents caused by involvement of school students on two-wheelers due to reckless riding.

The schools however have come up opposing this decision to be held responsible for the students riding motorcycles. Anything that a student gets involved in outside the campus is not the schools responsibility, they claim.

The Motor Vehicles Act permits 16-year-olds to ride non-gear bikes of less than 50cc. But currently, there are very limited or almost no options available in this category. In case of an accident, the minor cannot be booked under the Motor Vehicles Act, and hence, the owner of the vehicle will be caught for the offence. However, the police can book under-age children under the Juvenile Justice Act it they cause an accident.

The move might be in the right direction, to help reduce accidents involving minors, but will this be enforced effectively? Only time will tell.

Source – ET Auto