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Super Lambretta coming to India in 2020

If you have had a thing for old school scooters, then we are sure you are familiar with the name Lambretta. And hey, Lambretta is coming back to India. The classic Italian scooter is coming back to our market, and is expected to make a debut at the Auto Expo 2020. This prototype however will be an electric scooter.

The new age Lambretta will retain the iconic styling, much like what Piaggio has done with the Vespa. Lohia Auto will be the partner for Lambretta here in India along with Bird Group who are expected to handle the retail.

But what’s more exciting is that there is something called as ‘Super Lambretta’ in the pipeline for India. A steel-bodied scooter, specifically built for the Indian market is what this Super Lambretta will be. It will be a scooter which will hold an aspirational status, as per the brand claims and will target customers willing to pay extra bucks for exclusivity. The Super Lambretta will be bigger in scale, and more comfortable than the existing Lambretta models we currently see in markets abroad.

Specifications are currently unknown.

A new production facility is being considered in Maharashtra, where these new Lambretta models will not only be produced for our home market, but also exported to other emerging markets. Considering the modern-classic combination is working in almost every automotive sector, Lambretta might be able to find some strong hold.

Pricing of course is the key. And by 2020, we will surely have a better EV infrastructure than what we see at the moment.

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Parichay Malvankar