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Car seat belt alarm stoppers no longer on sale

In 1989, Central Motor Vehicles Rules made it mandatory to wear seat belts under Rule 138. Presently, not only does…

4 months ago

5 reasons why clutch-free iMT is better than manual gearbox

The demand for manual driving with Intelligent Manual Technology (iMT) is reaching new highs. Customers are more than willing to…

5 months ago

Maruti Suzuki’s Global NCAP Report Card

All results mentioned here are as per the Safer Cars For India initiative by Global NCAP. And in this post,…

5 months ago

Higher injury risk for rear seat passengers

IIHS to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has released a new study. According to the study, the rear seat…

6 months ago

Maruti Suzuki explains crumple zones

Maruti Suzuki has shared details about the crumple zone. A crucial safety element, the working of the crumple zones was…

6 months ago

4th traffic signal light for autonomous cars

A recent media report states that traffic signals could come with a fourth light. This was suggested by simulations which…

7 months ago