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Škoda enters the world of NFTs with Škodaverse India

Written by Kanad Kalasur

Škoda Auto has recently launched the Škodaverse India. As part of the global Škodaverse and built on the global Web 3.0 initiative, the platform will offer users to visit, buy and trade NFTs online.

Škodaverse as a community

According to Škoda, the Czech carmaker aims to build a community of the brand users and fans. The platform should allow users to engage, collaborate and at the least, aim to build a long-term association with the Škoda brand.

The digital age is pretty much new for all. Hence, the company wants to give the opportunity to develop deep bonds with the community and grow a tribe that shares the same passion. The Škodaverse is also a way of showcasing the brand’s commitment towards sustainability and innovation. By using carbon neutral block chain technology this can be achieved. Further, the Škodaverse will also enable transparent, secure and decentralised transactions across its users.

What is an NFT?

NFT or a Non-Fungible Token is a proof of ownership that has a unique identifier. This ensures that digital assets cant be duplicated, split or broken into smaller units. These are noted on blockchain and can be used both as proof of originality as well as ownership.

NFTs can be anything in the digital realm. This includes image, video, music, and others like tickets or memberships. The Škodaverse will support purchase of these NFTs via multiple options including crypto currencies, Rupee, USD, Euro and more.

To maintain itself as a carbon neutral project, the first batch of NFTs will be minted at the NEAR Protocol, a carbon neutral project as certified by South Pole.

Škoda and Antier

To this end, Škoda has tied up with Antier for collaboration on the web 3.0 strategy. Antier is one of the largest blockchain consulting firms in the world. It is also leading the innovation-focused processes of creating and minting NFTs.

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