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Royal Enfield launches Track School in India for track racing aspirants

Written by AnantaSaranNayak

Royal Enfield has taken a momentous stride into motorsports by launching the Royal Enfield Track School in India. This novel endeavour, emphasizing their unwavering dedication to the ‘Pure Sport’ philosophy, aims to unlock the world of track racing for aspiring racers and track aficionados. It presents them with an opportunity to refine their racing skills on the circuit.

Royal Enfield’s Support For Motorsports

The fervour for racing is steadily burgeoning in India, and the Royal Enfield Track School is all set to propel this enthusiasm to unprecedented heights. Building upon the remarkable success of the Royal Enfield Continental GT Cup, this initiative strives to cultivate a racing ethos in the country, motivating young and fervent racers to delve into the electrifying realm of track racing.

Inauguration of the Royal Enfield Racing School
The Royal Enfield Track School is designed to empower riders to conquer challenges, push limits, and enrich their motorcycle expertise. This not only enhances their proficiency on the track but also contributes to safer road riding. The program offers participants a distinctive chance to elevate their riding aptitude in a controlled and supervised setting, furnished with top-tier motorcycles and adept instructors.

Scheduled to kick off on September 9-10 at the prestigious Kari Motor Speedway in Coimbatore, the track school will venture into other cities, including Bangalore on October 15, Kolhapur on November 5, and Ahmedabad on November 26. By extending the program to different regions, the aim is to facilitate the participation of numerous aspiring racers from across India.

Enrolled participants in the Royal Enfield Track School will have the privilege of utilizing the Royal Enfield GT650 twin-cylinder motorcycle for their training. These future racers will be mentored by experienced racing experts who will impart knowledge about the nuances of track racing. The program seeks to not only cultivate racing skills but also to instil a profound comprehension of motorcycle dynamics and safety protocols.

Goals and Aspirations of the Track School Initiative

In the foreseeable future, Royal Enfield intends to unveil more Track School locations and dates, thereby widening the scope of this endeavour and allowing more individuals to embark on their racing odyssey. This launch is not in isolation; the Royal Enfield Track School is part of a comprehensive global Motorsports initiative, encompassing diverse endeavours like the GT Cup, women’s racing programs, the American Flat Track team in the US, DTRA flat track racing in the UK, drag racing in Europe and India, and Slide Schools across six countries. This extensive commitment to motorsports underscores Royal Enfield’s resolute commitment to propagating racing culture on a global scale.

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