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Royal Enfield launches pre-owned vintage motorcycle store

Written by Parichay Malvankar

Royal Enfield, the leader in the mid-size motorcycle segment has announced the launch of their first ever pre-owned motorcycle store in Chennai. Called the Vintage store, this new format will exclusively retail pre-owned & refurbished & restored motorcycles. This is an industry first initiative.

Royal Enfield is targeting not only aspiring customers, but also their existing owners with this new Vintage store setup by offering optimum value and hassle free ownership experience. Royal Enfield will also have their legacy displayed here, for aficionados.

While existing owners can look for pre-owned bikes as their upgrade, this will also serve as a stepping stone for those who have been fencesitting. One can also make use of this platform to just increase their personal motorcycle collection. Royal Enfield has attempted this looking at the fantastic demand for their bikes in the used market. Royal Enfield is planning to open up 10 vintage stores across the country in 2018.

There will be three lines of business at these vintage stores:

  • Pre-Owned – Second hand Royal Enfield motorcycles
  • Refurbished – Quality checked and refurbished as per requirement
  • Restored – Vintage motorcycles repaired & restored to original condition

Royal Enfield technicians will certify each of these bikes for optimum value. Each motorcycle will come with genuine motorcycle parts from Royal Enfield and will go through a 92-point quality check which will guarantee quality, assurance & reliability.

Royal Enfield is planning to take the used two-wheeler market by storm with this concept, especially for their own products. With financing options, post-sales service, seamless paperwork, trouble free documentation; the customer of a used two-wheeler will get an experience as good as buying a brand new Royal Enfield.

As of now, the brand has only one Vintage Store which is located in Chennai – No. 27, Mylai Balaji Nagar, Velacery main road, Pallikaranai.