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Rolls-Royce reveals mtu hybrid haul truck concept

Written by AnantaSaranNayak

Rolls Royce announces its plans to help the mining companies reduce emissions. The company will make use of Hybrid propulsion systems powered by hydrogen and microgrid solutions that will provide energy to the mines in an environment-friendly manner. Rolls Royce will present its vision for this in the upcoming MINExpo 2021. The main focus is the new mtu concept for a hybrid haul truck. It will be based on the existing mtu products and technologies.

But this is the first time that a 12V 2000 mining engine with a mtu EnergyPack battery system will combine together. Using this, Rolls Royce aims to reduce emissions by up to 30 per cent. In addition to this, Rolls Royce will also showcase its other climate-friendly solutions. This includes microgrid solutions for the mining customers, sustainable fuels, fuel cells and combustion engines based on hydrogen. The company will also showcase how its mtu engines have their applications in a wide range of mining applications. This will bring down the emission and operating costs.

Rolls Royce’s New Haul Truck

Rolls-Royce has plans to upgrade from the existing Tier 4 technology to Tier 2 engines. Under this, the company will make use of sustainable fuels and new technologies. The latest innovation is the mtu hybrid truck concept. These haul trucks will now get a combination of mtu diesel engines and batteries, reducing carbon emissions. The use of batteries will help downsize the engine, thus leading to huge fuel-saving and reducing the carbon footprint.

The company has already run a simulation wherein haul trucks with 16V 4000 engine with an output of 1865 KW were replaced by a 16V 2000 engine. This led to a decrease in carbon emission by 30 per cent. By 2023, Rolls Royce aims to commission the newest generation of mtu Series 2000 and 4000 engines. Also, fuel cells and hydrogen-fuelled engines will become a part of the company’s net-zero emission portfolio.

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