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Renault extends warranty & periodic free service schedules

Written by Nayak

Renault is the latest entrant to the list of automotive companies offering date extension for service and warranty benefits. In these difficult and challenging times, Renault India extends its support for its customers. The rising cases of Covid-19 are forcing everyone to stay at home as long as possible. Due to this, many customers are facing trouble servicing their vehicles.

Thus, to safeguard the customers’ interest and provide a flexible option, Renault India took this decision. The French automaker mentioned that the customer’s whose free service and warranty were about to service between 1st April 2021 till 21st May 2021 is now extended up to 31st July 2021.

Renault India’s Measures To Fight Covid-19

To curb the spread of the virus, Renault is taking a host of preventive measures. The carmaker ensured that all its dealerships would adhere to the Covid-19 related guidelines laid down by the Indian government. The carmaker also mentioned that its 24×7 roadside assistance would continue to support its customers in case of any emergency. The company also made sure all its offices and manufacturing units will adhere to all the guidelines issued by the local authorities and regulatory bodies.

Renault India Enhances Its Digital Approach

The world is moving towards the digital era, and in fact, the current situation also favours this shift. Thus, Renault India is increasingly adding more digital approaches. Currently, the digital services include a Renault virtual studio, a website booking facility with an option for full payment. This online smart finance calculator helps in getting loan approvals online and more.

The Renault App extends the support to the customers by providing all the new updates and information. Using the mobile application, the customers can also check the brand’s current lineup of products and the new launches. With over 500 sales points that include 200+ Workshop On Wheel, Renault is increasing its presence in the country.

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