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Power.Global plans to enter Electric Vehicle space in India

Written by Nizam Shaikh

California-based POWER.GLOBAL, has announced that the start-up is planning to enter the Indian market to advance the transition to electric vehicles in the country. To expedite this, Power.Global is expediting the process of setting up manufacturing and engineering, actively cooled Li-Ion battery modules in India, specifically engineered for the 2 and 3-wheeler market. The start-up has already defined solution for various markets and developed prototypes for trials and production next year. 

The brand has been conceived over the last year and focuses on sustainable product and supply chain to supporting environmental causes and programs. The company working towards building a 100% designed and made in India product. Power.Global will be concentrating on developing clean energy solutions for both mobile and stationary applications. 

The brand plans to develop a battery manufacturing plant capable of 1GWh/yr to start (equivalent to ~10k Tesla P100 battery packs) and at the same time develop an engineering group focused on research and development and product development with the renewable energy space. 

Power.Global has also announced that the brand’s first product focused on the auto-rickshaw market, inducing it towards full electrification. The brand also revealed that it is working on developing retrofit kits that can be used to convert the majority of the existing auto rickshaws which claim to be faster and better accelerating than the current ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) auto-rickshaws. 

Power.Global has also revealed that the retrofit cost is likely to be less than 40% of the cost of a new vehicle and daily running costs are likely to be 25% – 30% lower than current costs with near-zero maintenance costs. The Auto-Rickshaws with the retrofit kits will be enabled with battery swapping and on-board charging technology and will be cost-effective for any driver that drives less than 60 km per day. 

To lead the undertaking, the brand has recruited Indian automotive industry veteran Pankaj Dubey of Polaris and Yamaha, as the Managing Director of Power.Global.