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Porsche sales in India up by 64% in 2022

Written by AnantaSaranNayak

Porsche has posted its best-ever sales for the Indian market in 2022. The German sports car maker sold a total of 779 units in 2022. This figure rose from 474 units in the previous year, recording a growth of 64 per cent Y-o-Y.

According to Manolito Vujicic, Brand Director, Porsche India, SUV sales have increased by 69 per cent. This is not surprising at all, given the increasingly growing popularity of SUVs across the country, across the price segment. The Porsche Cayenne was the most sold product in the Indian market with 399 units sold.

Porsche added its all-electric Taycan in December 2021. The carmaker delivered a total of 78 units of the electric sedan in India during the first 12-month period. Earlier this year, Porsche unveiled the 718 Cayman GT4 RS for the Indian market. The track-focused sports car retail with a starting price of INR 2.54 crore (ex-showroom).

Porsche Aims Big With Its SUVs In India

With the growing demand for SUVs in the market, we expect Porsche to garner more sales in the near future. With more new launches and additions, Porsche is staying relevant in the market and giving tough competition to the other luxury carmakers in the country.

Tata Says No To Porsche To Use The Safari Nameplate

Porsche showcased its off-road focussed 911 supercar last year. Named as the Porsche 911 Dakar, the model pays homage to the brand’s Dakar Rally wins in 1984 and 1986. Interestingly enough, the SUV was expected to be called the 911 Safari. This is a throwback to the original from the 1970s. But now, as per sources we now know why the ‘Safari’ nomenclature was replaced with the ‘Dakar’ name. As we are aware, Tata Motors owns the copyrights for the ‘Safari’ name tag. And it didn’t give Porsche permission to use the same for their off-road 911. Thus, Porsche chose to rename the 4×4 supercar, Dakar.

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