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Polarity launches 6 electric bikes priced between INR 38,000 – INR 1,10,000

Written by Parichay Malvankar

With pre-bookings open for INR 1,001 on the official website, Polarity is an all-new EV brand in India which has announced a total of 6 new e-bikes in India. Polarity claims to be the first brand in the personal electric mobility vehicle space with pedal assist road worthy models. Polarity is states that deliveries for their range of e-bikes will begin from the first quarter of 2020 and will be sold in 2 model lines E for Executive series and S for Sport Series. What the brand is betting big on is the light weight of these products.

Before talking about the specs and other things these Polarity e-bikes can do, what we liked is the fact that one can put these models on a stand and can be used for exercise as well. Now that is unique.

Polarity E1K is the base model for the brand priced at INR 38,000. This model is powered by a 1 KW motor which is a BLDC hub motor with lithium-ion battery having 40V voltage. The model will come with 1,000 cycle battery life and will deliver 80+ km of riding range on every full charge. Polarity is offering 3-year warranty on the battery. The brand will be giving a standard 40V 5A charger with an option of 40V 10A charger as wekk. This model will have a top speed of 40 kmph and weight of under 55kg.

Polarity E2K is priced at INR 65,000, weighs under 55 kg and gets a 1.5 KW BLDC hub motor with 50 V lithium-ion battery. This model will also have a 1,000 life cycle battery with 3 year warranty and gets a standard 50V 5A charger and an optional 50V 10A fast charger. The E2K will have 60 kmph top speed and a riding range of 80+ km on a full charge.

Polarity E3K is priced at INR 1.05 lak, gets a 2.5 KW BLDC hub motor, 80V lithium-ion battery and has a top speed of 80 kmph. The batter in this model also has 80+ km riding range with a 80V 5A charger as standard and an optional 80V 10A fast charger on offer. The battery has 3-year warranty with 1,000 minimum charge cycle. This model also weighs under 55 kg.

The Polarity S1K, S2K & S3K have been priced at INR 40,000, INR 70,000 and INR 1.1 lakh respectively. The top speed of the S1K, S2K & S3K is 45 kmph, 70 kmph & 100 kmph respectively. The S1K gets a 1 KW BLDC motor, S2K gets a 2 KW BLDC motor and the S3K gets a 3 KW BLDC motor. All batteries are lithium-ion type with 40V, 50V and 80V capacities respectively. All these sport series electric bikes will also come with an optional fast charger.

The S3K & E3K are the top variants across either categories, and will also come equipped with GPS and Bluetooth. There will be a total of 36 variants when the official sales will commence. Polarity will be offering smartphone integration with their APP sharing all mobility data with the user.