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Pininfarina reveals PURA Vision design concept

Written by Kanad Kalasur

Pininfarina has finally taken the wraps of its long pending SUV. Pininfarina calls it the Luxury Utility Vehicle (e-LUV). The car was first announced back in 2019, but has finally seen the light of the day after it was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The PURA Vision concept reveals the future progress path of the carmaker. Apart from this, the PURA Vision itself is a new design philosophy that will be followed by the future Pininfarina all-electric luxury vehicles.

Pininfarina PURA : What is it?

The PURA electric SUV doesn’t follow the conventional boxy design of SUVs. We can describe it more like a notchback or GT-based rear end. The car also has small front and rear overhangs and it rides on 23-inch alloys finished in a matte black shade.

The doors of the car are large and are hinged from the top. Thus they open upwards like gullwing doors. Meanwhile, the rear doors are hinged from the back. When all doors are opened, there are no pillars in the space left vacant. According to Pininfarina, this setup is called a Lounge Doors.

The front gets slim lights which consist of nanofibre lighting tech. This is what creates the DRL lights. As these are less than 1 mm in size, the lights can be customised as per need. Meanwhile, the lower portion of the front bumper gets exposed carbon fibre, with large air intakes that aid cooling as well as aero.

Interiors of the PURA Vision Concept

On the inside, the PURA Concept will seat four occupants. The seats are sculpted and there is a flat floor. The front seats get a floating appearance as they are mounted using floor mounts in the middle. Meanwhile, the centre console houses a touchscreen while there is a wine cooler at the rear.

There is a digital instrument cluster for the driver and a head-up display. The central screen can be stowed away and it rises when needed. There are speakers in each headrest as well.

The centre console is finished in a textile material which uses 30 percent Nativa wool and 70 percent recycled polyester. The same is used in the upper seatbacks and headliner.

Pininfarina PURA Vision Technical Details

The company has released very little information about the car. So far we know that the car measures 5,215 mm long, 2,147 mm wide and is 1,641 mm high.

There will be an all-electric powertrain but details are not yet available.

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